Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vegas Birthday Part 1 - Welcome Brunch

If you guys remember from my previous post, I spent my 30th birthday in Las Vegas with friends for a weekend. I just got my pictures from Jackson Photography and wanted to share with you. I had three events - a welcome brunch, girls night out and birthday dinner. I'm going to split them up into 3 posts. I'll start first with the Welcome Champagne Brunch at Hash House A Go Go.For the decor, I was going for a modern casino feel. The restaurant had long stainless steel tables and I put a black table runner down the center and had cylinder vases with red gerbera daisies swirled on black wire and in between the vases white carnation squares with black carnations mixed in to look almost like flower dice.The menu cards were made by my invitation designer Socially Write. It was a Z fold out card.(Note the next 3 pictures are mine and not the photographer's). So when guests folded out the menu card it looked like this. The top part listed the menu items. And the bottom part was a thank you note from me with the party favor - a $5 casino chip for the MGM Grand where we were staying at. Many of the guests did not know each other before the trip. So to avoid awkward moments of silence, I did an ice breaker game that we played before the food arrived. I had a custom cootie catcher made by Caroline's Fortunehearts. She included my birthday monogram on the outside and on the inside I had fun questions and conversation starters like - when was your first kiss?, what was the worse thing you did as a child?, etc. Everyone had fun playing it and we got to learn fun tidbits about each other.And of course in true Hash House form, the food was gigantic and delicious!

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