Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Look

Big changes are coming to Lemiga! I'm getting a new logo, new website and new blog. Also I'm shortening my long formal Lemiga Event Management to Lemiga Events. Last week my friends EJ and Janet at Blue World Studios did my head shots for my new website at Verve Lounge.

Verve Lounge is a restaurant and event venue in Midtown Atlanta. They have a great rooftop lounge area that has city skyline views. We took some pictures on the rooftop as well as inside the venue. Thanks to everyone over at Verve Lounge who were so accommodating to let me use their venue!

So stay tuned.... I can't wait for you all to see my new look!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Socially Write

Socially Write is an invitation studio located north of Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. All of their invitations are custom made. I have been working with Socially Write for about a year now and each time they exceed my expectations. Visiting the studio becomes so much more than just picking out invitations and event stationery, mainly because the owner of Socially Write, Julie McIntyre Campbell, makes it such a fun experience. I can spend hours with Julie just playing with paper and ribbon and coming up with ideas until we find just the right combination. Today, Julie has stopped by to tell us more about Socially Write and to also share some tips on how to choose an invitation studio for your wedding or special event.Lemiga: Why did you start your company?

Socially Write: There is just nothing in the world as satisfying as meeting with a potential client, listening to what they have envisioned for their invitation and then taking those ideas and bringing it to life for them...sometimes I wonder who is more excited! I am truly blessed to own a business that allows me to meet so many wonderful people and at the same time be the wife and mom I want to be.

Lemiga: What do you tell brides who are on a budget but still want amazing invitations?

Socially Write: First, let’s see what it is she has in mind. There are so many ways to put together an invitation that has the look and feel of a more expensive invitation without all of the cost. If a bride comes in with a friend’s invitation or perhaps something out of InStyle Magazine, the first question I ask is what do you really like about this it the shape, color, texture. From there, we can take the most important aspects of the invitation and incorporate them into her invitation. Lemiga: What is your favorite new invitation trend?

Socially Write: I love it all...from simple eco-friendly papers to ribbon buckles, invitation boxes and colored envelopes! You will see all of these trends at the open house or when you visit my studio. Fun, Fun, Fun!!Lemiga: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Socially Write: A few years ago, I would have answered this question much differently. At that time, it definitely would have been my weddings that had been published in magazines in the Dallas area. Today, I measure success a little differently. Not to say that having your work published isn’t most definitely is. Life has a way of showing you what is really important and for me being able to express myself through my work while connecting with people is immeasurable.

Lemiga: What should potential clients look for when hiring an invitation designer?

Socially Write: Find out how long this person has been in business. That doesn’t mean to discount or overlook designers who are newer to the business. You want to know if this designer treats the work as a business or as a hobby. Your wedding or special event is not the time to invest money in a person who isn’t going to take this as seriously as you will.

· Visit the designer in their studio, if possible. Take a good look at their work...even designs that don’t apply to your event. You want to get a feel for their style. Do you see different projects at different price points? Is the design process going to be an open road full of possibilities or a two lane road with limited views?

· Find out what the design process entails. This is the nuts and bolts. What is the production time? What is the payment schedule? Do you get a sample of the invitation or, at the very least, a proof of the work before production begins? What is included in the cost of the invitation?

· Listen to your instincts! The most important aspect to hiring an invitation designer, or any professional, is the ability to trust this individual will perform the duties you have hired them to do and will do it well. Do you feel that you can communicate with this person and do you have a comfort level? If you are still unsure, this professional is not a good match for you.Thanks so much Julie for stopping by today! Socially Write is a participating vendor in my Open House on August 24th at The Solarium. Julie will be there to meet you and answer your invitation and event stationery questions. She will also be showcasing her work so you can see firsthand her beautiful custom invitations!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Tucker's Catering

Today I am featuring Tucker's Catering, one of Atlanta's best kept secrets. Rozalind Tucker, co-owner of Tucker's Catering has stopped by today to tell us a little about her catering business.

Lemiga: Tell us a little about Tucker's Catering - why did you start your company?

Tucker's Catering: Tucker's Catering initially started as a hobby of mine. I enjoyed experimenting with different types of food and having family and friends taste what I prepared. It was my husband who inspired me to start my catering business because he truly enjoyed the food and the presentation.
Lemiga: What should potential clients expect when they hire you as their caterer?

Tucker's Catering: What should my clients expect from me? 100%. I want my clients to know that this is their event, and it's not about what I or my partner think they should have. At Tucker's Catering it's all about what will make the client happy. Believe it or not most of the time my clients know exactly what they want.
Lemiga: What makes Tucker's Catering different from other caterers?

Tucker's Catering: We listen to what is truly important to our client. It's not about how much money my client can spend, but what will make them happy. We at Tucker's aim to please first and foremost.Lemiga: Is there a certain type of cuisine that you specialize in?

Tucker's Catering: NO! We will make every effort to provide what the customer wants.Lemiga: What is your favorite dish that you make?

Tucker's Catering: I'm originally from Connecticut and we love SEAFOOD so I will have to say any of my seafood dishes.

Thanks Rozalind for stopping by! Tucker's Catering is a participating vendor at my Open House Soiree on August 24th at The Solarium. So be sure to stop by and meet Rozalind and taste some of her delicious food!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blog Mention

Atlanta wedding photographer Peter Doyle was nice enough to link to my post on the Atlantan Brides magazine. Check it out here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the winners are...

Thanks to everyone that left comments to the Atlantan Brides Giveaway post. The winners of the giveaway are:





Titus D

Send me your mailing address to so I can mail you the new issue of The Atlantan Brides magazine.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Altmix Photography

Today I am featuring Kate and Matt of Altmix Photography. Kate and Matt are not only two of the most sweet and down to earth people (which makes working with them so much fun!), but they have such a fresh and unique style of photography that really tells the story of a wedding day. You can just feel the emotion in their photographs! Kate has stopped by for an interview to tell us a little more about Altmix Photography.

Lemiga: Why did you start your company?
Altmix: Matt and I fell in love, got engaged and started the daunting wedding planning process very aware of only one thing, we wanted a fabulous photographer (…and red velvet cake, but that doesn’t go along with this story so well ;)). We did the research, we knew the style we loved, and yet, it was almost impossible to find someone affordable that shot in the detail oriented yet candid style we were looking for… A friend of a friend was in the same photographer search and out of the blue we agreed to shoot her wedding- one month after our own. We were hooked, and Altmix Photography began! Lemiga: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Altmix: Clients. There is just nothing more rewarding than getting to know our clients, their style, what makes them unique - and capturing it!
Lemiga: How do you describe your photographic style?
Altmix: Matt and I really believe in capturing true emotion. Laughs, love and tears can rarely be posed so we like to stay out of the way and capture it as it comes. Our goal is to journal your day through meaningful photojournalistic images.
Lemiga: If you could photograph a wedding any place in the world where would it be?
Altmix: Athens, Greece. The exquisitely detailed crumbling architecture, the bright blue water, the cliffs…sigh. Unbeatable! Lemiga: One piece of advice for Brides-to-be:
Altmix: Be yourself. Think about what makes you you and run with it. You’re not into flowers? Substitute with feathers and twigs and herbs! Is cake far from your favorite dessert? Get a variety of pies or cookies! Just can’t see yourself in a veil? Forget it and replace it with a stylish head piece like Myra’s ( Bottom line, this is your day, do it your way! Let your personality shine through wherever possible and our pictures will really capture your day! Thanks Kate for stopping by today and sharing your beautiful images with us. Altmix Photography will be the shooting photographer for my Open House Soiree on August 24th. So be sure to stop by and meet them and I can't wait to see the images they capture of the soiree!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Parisian Chic Bridal Shower

Last week I was contacted by a Matron of Honor to plan a bridal shower. The bride to be loves to travel and has a free spirit personality. So I came up with a Parisian Chic theme bridal shower. The Matron of Honor had no idea what colors she wanted to use for the shower, so I put together a few inspiration boards in various color schemes. I find that this really helps my clients visualize the decor of an event when they can see the colors together.

Here are the boards I designed:

Board#1: Parisian Garden - colors are purple and green with grey accents
Sources - Top: Nordstrom, Dorothy Perkins, Knot; Middle: Nordstrom, Stock Expert, Cups N Cakes; Bottom: Knot, Pom Wonderful, Ravenna Bloom

Board#2 : Vintage Paris - colors are shades of light pink with vintage accentsSources - Top: Amazon, Bridal Bar, Sally Jean; Bottom: Elizabeth Anne, Invitation, Perfume Emporium

Board#3: Sweet and Sophisticated - colors are yellow and grey
Sources - Top: Style Me Pretty, J. Crew, Midori; Bottom: Target, J.Crew, J.Crew

Board#4: Bold and Sassy - colors are fuchsia and red with feather accents

Sources - Top: Lavender Hill, Knot; Middle: Bergdorf Goodman, Lavender Hill; Bottom: Fiore Fresco, Rhianna

Board#5 : Modern Glam - colors black and white with crystal accents
Sources - Top: Toast & Tables, I Dream of Cake; Middle: All Things Bright & Beautiful, Chanel; Bottom: Wedding Paper Divas, The Brides Cafe

So which one would you choose?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sage Naturalceuticals

Today I have a wonderful interview with Cindy Primm, owner of Sage Naturalceuticals, a bath and body retail shop located in the Castleberry Hills district of downtown Atlanta. I love finding unique products and Sage Naturalceuticals carries such a great range of products that you cannot find in mainstream stores.

Lemiga: What is Sage Naturalceuticals?

Sage Naturalceuticals: Sage Naturalceuticals is a retail boutique which specializes in natural and organic products for the body, face, hair, and home. In the shop are unique items such as hand poured soaps, organic face care products, therapeutic massage oils, artisan crafted bath bombs, and premium soy candles. We carry the bigger brands like Pacifica and Pangea Organics however, are also proud supporters of small-batch brands and local artisans.

Lemiga: What makes Sage Naturalceuticals different from other home and body product stores?

Sage Naturalceuticals: We are one of the only Atlanta area retailers that specializes in natural and organic products. And, our product mix is like no other. We searched high and wide to find the best products out there and in fact, most of the lines we carry can not be found anywhere else in Georgia.
Lemiga: Where is your store located?

Sage Naturalceuticals: We are located in Historic Castleberry Hill, a stones throw from major downtown attractions like the CNN Center, Phillips Arena, and the Georgia Dome. Our address is 238 Walker Street #8 (Enter on Fair St), Atlanta, GA 30313. Ring us at 770-881-8610.

Lemiga: What are some of your favorite products in the store right now?

Sage Naturalceuticals: I'm absolutely in love with John Master's Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk. It has a lusciously lovely scent and glides on like silk. It's also perfect for summer because it hydrates the skin without being sticky or greasy. My other favorite products include Stem Organics Intensive Eye SerumHamadi Shea Hair MaskHugo Natural's Brown Sugar & Kumquat Scruband Akee Wakee CandlesLemiga: Any suggestions for unique shower or party favors?

Sage Naturalceuticals: Bath bombs are not just for bath time. They can add interest and fun to themed events like girl's night out or spa parties. A fun idea is to use bath bombs as part of a pedicure treatment. Just throw one in a small tub of hot water, insert feet, sit back and relax with your guests for 30 minutes or more. Once done, feet will be completely moisturized, skin will be soft, and you'll smell like a dream. Follow up with your favorite nail color. Me! Bath Bombs retail at Sage Naturalceuticals for $8.00 each and come in a selection of 'flavors' like Gotta Have it Pomegranate, Choco-holic, and Southern Magnolia. Sage Naturalceuticals is a participating vendor at my Open House Soiree on August 24th at The Solarium in Decatur. So please be sure to stop by and meet Cindy and take a look at some of her unique products. Also, one lucky guest will win a $50.00 gift certificate to her store!

Atlanta's best source for natural and organic products for the body, face, hair, & home.
238 Walker St. #8 (Enter on Fair St.)
Atlanta. GA 30313

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I've been Tagged - 5 Fav Songs

I’ve been tagged by Kathryn at Australia Entertains. It's a "Tag with a Twist": Fav Songs that you hate to admit:

Here are the new rules!

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others you like and tell why.

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here is my list:

1. "A Song for You" by Donnie Hathaway - my favorite song of all time

2. "Freedom" by George Michael - this is my pretend like I"m a fashion model song

3. "Get Me Bodied" by Beyonce - this is my dance like I'm in a music video song

4. "Breathe" by Faith Hill - this is my sing like I'm a country star song

5. "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette - the ultimate break up song!

I am now tagging:
Andrea at Andrea Taylor Studio
Shana at Crossroads Cottage
Heidi at Zenadia Design
Aletha at Pearls Events
Kate at Altmix Photography
Lucky Me
Gabrielle at Faire La Fete Productions

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Atlantan Brides Giveaway

This is the first official giveaway on my blog! The Atlantan Brides has given me 5 copies of their new issue which isn't even out on newsstands yet! Just leave a comment to this post and I will select 5 random readers to win a copy of this gorgeous magazine! Contest ends Monday June 16th at 6:00 p.m.

The Atlantan Brides Magazine

Today I am very excited to feature The Atlantan Brides magazine. Celeste Couvillon the Associate Publisher of The Atlantan Brides has been gracious enough to give us an in depth look at the magazine.
Lemiga: Tell us a little about the magazine and what types of features readers will find?

The Atlantan Brides: Above all, our mission is to be the comprehensive resource for discerning brides who want and expect nothing less than the best in preparation for their big day. This is accomplished both by the caliber of designers, vendors and professionals we feature in on the pages of our magazine, as well as by our content, which showcases the best the luxury bridal market has to offer, both locally and nationally. Produced by editor-in-chief Elizabeth Ralls, readers will find the same localized, luxury content, glossy format, unsurpassed quality and high-caliber advertisers in The Atlantan Brides which they find in The Atlantan on a monthly basis.
Included in our “Wed Dossier”, readers will find information on: Bridal Beauty products, Honeymoon Hotspots, Gilded Grooms’ Gifts, Global Proposals, Day-of Jewelry, and more. Also in our latest magazine, readers will find glam gowns fresh from Spring fashion week in New York, Atlanta’s hottest new ballrooms to roll out the red carpet for brides, and the latest wedding trends (straight from the mouths of our experts), from signature martinis and rosette-covered pumps to monogrammed veils and runway-style bridal portraits.
Lemiga: How is The Atlantan Brides magazine different from other wedding magazines on the market?

The Atlantan Brides: A few things set our magazine apart from our competitors:

• First and foremost, our readers and advertisers alike are drawn in by our glossy, over sized format and the quality of our paper stock, both of which clearly stick out against our cost-cutting competitors

• A focus on high-fashion. Whether it’s the latest trends from New York’s most recent bridal fashion week, the newest lines of bridal baubles, couture accessories for the day-of (or any special occasion), we pride ourselves on featuring of-the-moment, must-have looks to inspire each and every style of bride
The number of weddings we feature. The magazine has three different ways to showcase weddings — through two-page features, one-page scenes and the multi-shot Hitched section — allows us to feature more than 30 Atlanta couples each issue.

• Our content focuses on creating, designing and buying the very best for brides’ special day, in every category covered. You will never find any articles instructing brides on how to cut corners — in any area. The word “budget” has been eliminated from our vocabulary.

A Calendar of Events section detailing bridal, bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride trunk shows spanning a six-month period.
Lemiga: Where can you find The Atlantan Brides magazine?

The Atlantan Brides: Direct Mail - Over 5,000 copies of The Atlantan Brides are mailed to Atlanta’s most discerning women. Controlled Circulation - Distributed to luxury venues, bridal boutiques, high-end retailers, jewelers and wedding professionals throughout metro Atlanta. Newsstand - The Atlantan Brides can be purchased at 39 bookstores across metro Atlanta, select Target retail locations and Publix grocery stores
Lemiga: Do you sponsor wedding related events throughout the year?

The Atlantan Brides: The Atlantan Brides sponsors and is involved in many high-caliber bridal events throughout the year. The marketing staff ensures that the magazine is involved in the right events in efforts to reach the city’s most impressive vendors and discerning brides. Our two marquee bridal events for 2008 are: “An Evening of Bridal Luxury” which was hosted on April 13th at Mason Murer Fine Art and “I Will to I Do” which will be hosted on September 7th at King Plow Art Center. Please see our slideshow from our Spring event:
Lemiga: Any advice for the Bride trying to figure out where to start with planning the wedding?

The Atlantan Brides: Remember that there are no bad ideas — only bad implementations of them. When you meet with stationers, floral designers, photographers, planners, dress designers, let them know what you’re excited about, and where you’re gleaning your inspirations from, whether it’s photographs, tear sheets, sketches or a book. Otherwise, settling on a concept that both parties are unsure of can be extremely stressful and fail to meet expectations.

That being said, brides often get overwhelmed by thinking they have to have a theme or “colors.” Some advice I learned from L.A. wedding planner extraordinaire Susie Coelho (which brides will see in our June issue) is not limit yourself to bridal magazines — home and garden and décor magazines can help to broaden your inspirations, and think big picture.
Thanks Celeste for taking time out of your busy day to give us an in depth look at your beautiful magazine!

I am extremely excited that The Atlantan Brides is the official media sponsor of my
Open House Soiree at The Solarium on August 24th. They are also sponsoring a fabulous giveaway at the open house which one lucky guest will win - the Indulgence Package: get pampered with a $200 gift certificate to Blue MedSpa and feast with a $200 gift certificate at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Active Production and Design, Inc.

Today I am featuring Active Production and Design, Inc., a lighting design company located in the Atlanta area. Clydette Morton, the Marketing/Public Relations Manager of Active Production and Design, Inc. has stopped by today to give us some insight on how lighting can transform a space for your wedding or special event.

Lemiga: Why is lighting so important in wedding and event design?

Active Production & Design: Lighting is the “icing on the cake”. It is the visual energy of the event. It creates or enhances the mood of the event. It can help to bring attention to certain details that could otherwise get overlooked (the rich colors of the flowers, the brilliance of the silverware, the glow of the bride herself).

Lemiga: For those on a tight budget what types of lighting can they use to make a big impact on a small budget?

Active Production & Design: Up lighting the perimeter of a room and giving it an overall wash creates an intimate feel in a room, a few pin spots on just a select area can make a big difference i.e. the cake, the head table, etc., a gobo on the dance floor for the first dance is always a nice inexpensive touch as well.

Lemiga: What is a gobo?

Active Production & Design: A gobo is a metal or glass “cookie”. It is cut in a chosen shape or pattern and attached to the front of a light fixture. The light takes the shape of the “cookie” and is projected on a surface. Metal gobos are usually the most inexpensive, using only white light. Glass gobos can create full color images to project on a surface in a room.

Lemiga: What is the latest trend for lighting in 2008?

Active Production & Design: Green efforts is on everyone’s mind these days and the lighting industry is no different. There is a big push towards using more energy efficient lighting designs. Some of that would include using a lot more LED lights. LED fixtures for the most part use less energy to produce light.

Lemiga: How can lighting change a room?

Active Production & Design: Lighting sets the tone for a room upon entrance. Using theatrical lighting enables you to bring down the overhead lighting level and create a elegant and romantic mood for the room. I t can change the color of the room without painting the walls. Moving lights can make an ordinary ballroom look like a disco. Up lighting can make a reception hall look like a romantic scene out of a movie. Lighting will help a room become whatever the designer and bride imagines it to be.
Thanks Clydette for taking the time out to educate us on lighting design and how it can enhance the mood and decor of an event.

Active Production and Design, Inc. will be showcasing their work and participating as a vendor at my Open House Soiree on August 24th at The Solarium. So stop by the open house to ask your lighting questions and come see firsthand the lighting design work of Active Production and Design, Inc.