Monday, December 1, 2008

Safari Week

So I know everyone is in full Christmas mode, but this week I have Safari on my mind. I received an email from a sweet reader named Sandra, who is planning her wedding for August 2009. She is currently living in the UK, but the wedding will be in Lisbon, Portugal, where she grew up. Sandra contacted me because she's not sure where to start with planning the overall design of the wedding.

Sandra and her fiance took a trip last year to Kenya and loved the country, so they want to have a Safari/African theme. She knows she wants to use the colors red, black, brown, and her favorite animal print - leopard! And she loves candles. The welcome drink will be in the garden and the reception will be in a ballroom. All the ideas Sandra has found so far have looked really cheap. She has expensive tastes but a limited budget (like most of us : ) and wants to find ways to incorporate glamour and class within the safari theme.

So this week is dedicated to Sandra and her Safari theme wedding! Every day I will be posting some ideas that will hopefully inspire Sandra with her planning. And if any of you have ideas that may help, please feel free to give your input!
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Not just a Mommy! said...

A fabulous party planner, David Tutera in his book, Big Birthdays,
does a 65th birthday that is safari-themed. There are beautiful pictures, and he details the party, from invitations to the table. He creates these amazing decorative tribal masks from plastic round sleds (you know the ones kids slide down snow banks on), paint and raffia, and even makes safari chair covers with burlap. And the table is amazing. Definately alot of ideas that can be duplicated on a smaller budget. Good luck!

ZenadiaDesign said...

Love the picture you have posted. What a fun week this should be! =)

Dawn said...

Hi Michelle,

Eliana posted on place settings today and one would definitely fit in with your Safari theme. Take a look:

sandra said...

thanks everyone for helping my dream come true :)!