Monday, January 5, 2009

Kristen's Princess Tea Party

I finally have the pictures that I promised from my daughter's princess tea birthday party. As I mentioned before, the party was at an adorable tea room called The Cranky Princess.

Before I get to the party pictures, I wanted to show you some of the party items I used.

I started by contacting Etsy seller Pink Design, and had her design a monogram that I could use on my party items.
Then I went to Etsy Seller, Bug & Boo Designs, and asked her to create some custom party items for me using the monogram including, this adorable lunch bag
Princess crowns that were personalized with each girl's nameA 'Princess Kristen' birthday bannerAnd cupcake picks
Now, on to the party! Altmix Photography took a break from weddings to photograph Kristen's party, and the rest of the images below are from them.

Here is a view of the party room.
And the tabletopHere is my cupcake tower. The cake and cupcakes were from Sugarplum Visions.
I loved having the party at The Cranky Princess because of all the little touches that were included with the party like the adorable ceramic tea set
And Lauren, the owner, even had personalized place cards for the girls
After she saw the tea room, Kristen was so excited for the party to begin!
When the girls entered the room the first thing they saw was a wall of princess dresses.The princess hostess helped each girl choose a dress and put it on.
After they got dressed, the girls moved on to the accessory table and got to put on all the jewelry they wantedNext, they headed over to the craft table to make their own jewelry boxes.
After the craft, they had story time and an etiquette lesson. I was so impressed how intently each girl paid attention.
Then it was time for lunch, which included star turkey sandwiches, grapes, chips and carrots
And of course there was tea!
I love these images Altmix Photography captured of the girls at the table. They really enjoyed themselves!After lunch, the girls had a pink carpet walk and modeled their dresses for the parents
And then they did the very important princess pledgeKristen told me it was the best birthday she had ever had! (In all her 4 years : ) That of course made it all worth it!


J.BRIDE said...

Wow - that looks like so much fun

Inspired Events by Nycia said...

OMG!! What an adorable princess tea party, you are a fabulous mom!! Makes me want a little girl!!

Administered by Kira Franz-Knight said...

I second the OMG!!! You outdid yourself...and I absolutely love the paper goods; what a great find. And gorgeous photography too. I'm swooning...

amy * stem * said...

I want to go there!

This is wonderful. What fun memories.

Flair Factor said...

Everything was so adorable! Looks like the girls had a great time.

Stacie Refeld said...

That turned out awesome! I loved all the intricate detail. The princess dresses were my favorite! I'm glad the girls had a great time.

Sweet Soirees said...

Even though I host children parties myself, I have been wanting to visit the Cranky Princess. These pictures will be my inspiration to actually go!
Your pictures are great!

Lara @ Southern Weddings said...

Ridiculously cute! This post made my day thinking about how much fun she must have had! : )

Lisa of Elite Affairs said...

This is awesome! Can I be a little girl again so I can have one of these parties :-)

OCEP said...

Beautiful this needs to be in somebody's magazine!! I wish I was your daughter I want a party too.

Affairs With Elegance said...

How cute! Loved all the details. Looks like the girls had a great time.

Sweet Nothings said...

it looks greaat! I wish I was there haha :)

Your Dream Day said...

Wow, what a lucky little girl. The party looks so nice.

Pen and Ink said...

What an incredible party, Michelle! I love all of the little details - just amazing! And look how happy the girls are! What a sweet memory for your little girl!
- Lisa