Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Down-Home Welcome Bags With An Uptown Flair

Welcome bags are always a nice touch for out of town guests. And you can use them to incorporate items from the local area or your home town. Today I am pleased to have Karen Sullen of Georgia Gifts 4 Less join us today to share some ideas for Atlanta welcome bags.

Creating Down-Home Welcome Bags With An Uptown Flair

Nowadays, most people who live in Atlanta aren’t actually from Atlanta. So, when they decide to get married in our great city, many of their guests travel from out of town. Whether it will be their first visit to Georgia or they seem to know it like the back of their hand, showing them a little Southern Hospitality is easy when your welcome gift bags have a touch of Georgia. Here are some gifts and souvenirs that can help keep Georgia on their mind!

Chocolate Peaches are a sweet symbol of the Peach State! Smooth milk chocolate shaped like a peach, who wouldn’t want to take a bite? Available in two sizes, the mini peaches are perfect for welcome bags or to scatter along the table. The larger size is boxed with a customizable tag, making it a unique wedding favor for your guests.

Because Atlanta is a sassy, sultry city with a sound all its own, add something to the welcome bag that reflects its signature style, like an instrumental Atlanta Jazz CD.

An eclectic collection of jazz and blues, it will have them longing to return for a bit of the Atlanta nightlife or they can reflect on the memories while enjoying the soothing sounds.

No bag would be complete without some Atlanta souvenirs as the finishing touch. From magnets and mugs to pens and photo frames, these useful items will help them remember your special day.

Including some delicious Georgia gourmet foods is always a nice touch. But, to truly add an extra flair to your welcome bags, transform these gift ideas into keepsakes by customizing them with your name and wedding date. Now, that’s peachy!

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Thanks Karen for stopping by and sharing these great ideas. If anyone is looking for Georgia or Atlanta related items for your wedding or event take a look at the Georgia Gifts for Less website.


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