Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wedding Style - Grandma's Attic

I love having clients who think outside the box and let their personalities reflect in their wedding style. We have been preparing for Friday's wedding, and the bride has selected a "Grandma's Attic" theme due to the fact she loves all things vintage and doilies.

Here is the area where the couple will have the ceremony. We will drape in front of the green door with sheer ivory fabric. The plants and trees will accent the area perfectly.
Guests will be served lemonade and water on this stand as they wait for the ceremony to begin.
The reception tables will have burlap tablecloths, hemstitched napkins, and doily runners.
Photo from Country Living

And centerpieces will consist of vintage tea tins, blue mason jars, and candles.

Can't wait to see how the details all come together!


event planners said...

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Simply You Creations said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. Sounds lovely!!

Amy Osaba said...

Sad I couldn't be a part but I know it will be beautiful. You both have impeccable taste! have fun!

Andrea Taylor Studio said...

I wish I was photographing this... it looks like it will be a lovely event. Much success!