Saturday, April 26, 2008


For my birthday weekend in Las Vegas I had friends and family travel from all over the country to join me. As a welcome gift for my guests I ordered out of town boxes from a great company called Swell Sweets. Because I was traveling from out of state, it would have been a huge hassle to try to transport items for the boxes with me. I loved working with Swell Sweets because they did a free quote with custom designs, offered a wide range of products for inside the box within the budget that I specified, and they shipped everything for me directly to Las Vegas.

Here are the first designs they gave me to choose from ranging in price $8-10:

And here is my final box design

The price of the box also included two custom water bottle labels and two pieces of personalized stationary. I decided to not do the custom water bottle labels, but I did use the two pieces of personalized stationary to print a welcome note and a weekend itinerary to go inside the box.

Everyone at Swell Sweets were pleasant and easy to work with. They answered all me emails in a timely manner. And everything arrived to my destination on time and in order. My final box design and all items inside cost $8.50 per box, which actually came out cheaper than if I would had bought everything individually especially once you add in the two pieces of personalized stationary. I will definitely be using this company again for future events and clients.

Here are some pictures of the final boxes in my hotel room

Included in my boxes were chips, Oreo cookies, Las Vegas mint tins, rice krispy treats, chocolate playing cards, peanuts, and a "hangover packet" with Tylenol and Alka-Seltzer.

And as an extra item I added in two mini bottles of liquor.

Here are my two pieces of personalized stationary - a welcome note and weekend itinerary with my birthday logo

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Annette *swankytables* said...

Amazing birthday in Vegas! Love the gift boxes! So thoughtful and smart to include the hangover packet! Hee Hee!