Wednesday, August 6, 2008

EastCoast Entertainment

Great music and entertainment can make a wedding last into the night, and bad music can send your guests running for the door. Today I'm featuring EastCoast Entertainment, and Agent/Event Producer/Bandleader Matthew Thomas has stopped by today to talk about music and entertainment for your wedding or special event.

Lemiga: Tell us a little about EastCoast Entertainment - how long have you been servicing the Atlanta area?

EastCoast: We have been in business for over 30 years and have been serving the Atlanta area for almost 25 years
Lemiga: What services do you offer?

EastCoast: We provide production and entertainment for all types of events, and with the largest roster of talent than any agency in the country, there is nothing we can't provide in regards to entertainment. Our production services range from A/V to sound & lighting for weddings and events

Lemiga: How is EastCoast Entertainment different from other entertainment companies in Atlanta?

EastCoast: Being the largest agency in the country, we have the largest roster of talent and exclusive artists than anyone around, so we can provide the widest variety of talent and entertainment at the best price that any of our competitors.

Lemiga: What should clients look for when booking entertainment for their wedding or special event?

EastCoast: Reputation, variety of music and longevity are the most important things...our artists have years of experience and have great references from many of the clients they have performed for, they are constantly improving their sound, their show and their play list. The ability to play a wide variety of music is important to stay up to speed with the changing and diverse tastes of clients and their guests. And lastly, a band that has been together for a number of years is always going to perform better than a group that is newly formed or goes through a lot of constant transition with regards to the members of the band. Find out how long the group has been together and when the last change in personnel was. This will have an impact on their overall sound and performance.
Lemiga: What is most popular right now in entertainment for weddings?

EastCoast: The Big Band sound is really becoming popular again. The style in music and the horn section creates a full rich and elegant and sophisticated sound that brides and grooms are really enjoying.

For the younger couples, Hip Hop has also become more important and a band that can incorporate new hit songs is very popular.

Thanks Matthew for stopping by today and giving us an inside look at EastCoast Entertainment. EastCoast Entertainment is a participating vendor at my Open House Soiree on August 24th and the Adam Knight Jazz Ensemble will be performing. Adam is a phenomenal guitarist and has a superb jazz ensemble that plays for all type of events and weddings. Stop by and enjoy the live entertainment and talk to Matthew about your entertainment needs. Register for the Soiree at

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