Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Project 42 Session

Normally I try to keep everything strictly business on this blog so I hope you don't mind me sharing about my personal life today. Months ago I won a free photo session with photographer Shannon Wright for a new concept called Project 42. The number 42 means Love is: 4=love 2=is. It's a photo session about what love means to you and capturing it while in your wedding attire.

Now I've been married for 8 years and have 2 kids so I didn't know if Shannon would even want to use us for this project. But Shannon jumped at the opportunity to work with us and I couldn't believe I actually had a legitimate excuse to put on my wedding dress again!

With what little free time we have, my husband and I love to go to the movies. So we started with a movie themed photo shoot at Atlantic Station.

But the movie theatre wouldn't let us inside so we moved on to the Fox Theatre. I guess God was looking out for us because they actually let us shoot inside the Fox!
For the second part of our session we chose to do a shoot about what we love most - our two beautiful daughters! Me being me I couldn't just do a regular photo shoot in the park - nope, we took our couch and put it in the middle of Piedmont Park!

This is my youngest daughter Kamryn
And my oldest daughter Kristen with her daddy
It was like any day playing in the park - except in my wedding dress!

And a few more shots with me and my wonderful husbandThanks so much Shannon for including us in your Project 42! I know these aren't the typical "wedding pictures" but we had so much fun and now we have beautiful keepsake pictures of our family capturing what we love most.


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Laura said...

Those are so beautiful and unique! What a fun idea...and good for you that you fit into your wedding dress 8 years later! I don't think I can say the same after almost 6 years :)

Thanks for sharing!

Andrea Taylor Studio said...

You both look great and the girls are too cute!

Lisa from Blush said...

Hi! What a beautiful family you have. And those are some fantastic pictures. Love, love, love that you took the couch! I would do that too! Fabulous. Really.