Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Spa Flow

Today I am featuring Spa Flow, a studio and mobile massage company. I have had the pleasure of working with Spa Flow both professionally - I used them for a corporate Christmas party - and personally - my husband and I booked their Valentine's Day package which was heavenly! And each experience has been wonderful. The staff at Spa Flow are always on time, bring all the equipment that you need for a mobile spa party and definitely have the magic touch! Jeanetta Lambkin, co-owner of Spa Flow, has stopped by today to tell us more about Spa Flow.

Lemiga: Tell us a little about Spa Flow - why did you start your company?

Spa Flow: Spa Flow offers both mobile and studio massage service. I was introduced to the world of mobile massage through my first job as a therapist. I loved meeting new people and traveling to different places, so when I moved to Atlanta I decided to start my own mobile massage company . The mobile aspect is what makes us unique. Mobile massage is great because the number one drawback of massage is the drive home. The stress of driving and traffic not to mention the gas prices, can undo all the good gained from the massage. About 6 months ago we added the studio option.
Lemiga: What is the range of services you provide?

Spa Flow: We offer individual table massage in our studio or we will travel to homes as well as hotels. In addition we offer chair massage for events and at offices. And of course, we also offer spa parties which include massage and facial services. Lemiga: What are your packages for mobile spa parties?

Spa Flow: We offer 3 Spa Party packages:

(1) Relax - 15 minute chair massage and 15 minute pedissage(foot massage, sugar scrub and warm soothing towels);
(2) Renew - 20 minute chair massage and 20 minute facial; and
(3) Rejuvenate - 30 minute table massage and 30 minute facial.

We provide robes for the guests and packages can be customized for the party. Lemiga: What should potential clients look for when hiring a mobile spa?

Spa Flow: The number one thing clients should do is make sure your therapist is certified. Georgia just instated state licenses, so you can ask for the license number and verify it with the state. Also unfortunately the massage industry has been associated with the sex industry. So to make sure that your therapist is legitimate, stay away from companies with advertisements that say things like total body release or light touch massage.

Lemiga: For those that need a location for their spa parties, do you book parties in your studio?

Spa Flow: Yes we offer Spa Parties on the weekend at the Studio! We also allow clients to decorate and bring food and refreshments for their guests.Thanks so much Jeanetta for stopping by! I really need to book a massage : ) For those of you who also need a little pampering, please stop by my Open House Soiree on August 24th at The Solarium. Spa Flow will be offering mobile spa services and you can also talk to Jeanetta about booking your individual massage or spa party!

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