Tuesday, October 21, 2008

70s 40th Birthday Party

The always fabulous Ross Oscar Knight, has so graciously shared with me photos of a 40th birthday party I designed and coordinated in September.

First, here is the inspiration board I created for the client to help guide us in the design of the party. We didn't want a tacky typical 70s party. So we focused on using the color purple and silver disco balls to create a sophisticated 70s themed party.
Photo credits -1st Row: Active Production, BBJ Linen, Purple Carnation, E-Party Unlimited, Shop Wild Things, BBJ Linen

Here is how the Crystal Ballroom at the Atlanta Hilton typically looks (Next 2 photos from Hilton)And here is the Crystal Ballroom transformed

All the guests came dressed in 70s attire which really added to the mood of the nightAnd even the videographer, Keven with KRJ Productions dressed the part - now that's dedication!The fabulous platform shoes birthday cake from Highland Bakery And my favorite chocolatier, Dreamy Gelato & Chocolates, did the beautiful and decadent chocolate truffles for the party favors. The owner, Sukai, always custom makes her chocolate according the client's tastes.
Milk chocolate caramel with pecans
Milk chocolateAnd champagne truffles that were purple to match the decorHere is another view of the room. White drapes from Event Drapery created a division of the room. We used part of the room as more of a lounge area with the buffet and party favors
And then the other portion of the room for the dance floor and more guest seating. Active Production & Design did a fantastic job with the lighting, which really transformed the room.
Here are close ups of a few of the centerpieces
You can see once the lights were off the light inside the vases really made the orchid and disco balls sparkle
And there were goldfish!
I really loved using the purple orchids. So simple, but the color made them so dramatic at the same time.

Thanks to the Edwards family for allowing me to be apart of such a special celebration!


letrice@Le'Penn Designs said...

Themed parties are so fun when everyone participates. The event styling is great! I'm starting to see more and more use of "purple" in wedding and social events. Again, everything looks wonderful!

Inspired Events by Nycia said...

Fabulous!!! I love Ross Oscar Knight's work..

KNIGHT said...

Michelle - it was great working with you on this event. You have such a unique eye for design and attention to detail. I look forward to working with you in the future!