Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vendor Spotlight:: Luxe Expressions

Today I am featuring Atlanta based Luxe Expressions. Creative Director, Debra Saba has stopped by today to share with us some of her designs and talk about her company.
Lemiga: Tell us a little about Luxe Expressions - what range of services do you offer?

Luxe Expressions: We are a couture design studio. We basically work from design concept through print. All the work you see in our online collections can either be customized to fit any event or we can design a custom piece from scratch. We have unearthed some of the best available textiles, ribbons, and embellishments to incorporate into the designs. Because most of our clients prefer letterpress as their print method, we design in such a way that allows for a luxurious indentation into the 100% cotton papers, which leaves a lasting impression on anyone who receives the piece. In addition to letterpress, we also offer engraving and traditional lithography as print methods.
Lemiga: What is your favorite new invitation trend?

Luxe Expressions: Trends seem to come and go so I love to work with all styles. Because we are couture, we can really make unique concepts work and we tend to break the rules from time to time. If I really had to pick one trend as my favorite, I guess I would say I like personally like the cultural inspired trends (like Indian and Arabic styled designs) because of their use of pattern and textiles. Patterns ink beautifully on the letterpress and because I have spent a lot of time in the Middle East and Europe, I found inspiration for these styles all over and incorporate them into my designs.
Lemiga: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Luxe Expressions: This is a hard one. I had many great highlights. Because I came from a corporate America background that moved me all over, required me to live out of a suitcase going from one project to the next, and finally landed me into a spot that allowed me to build my own stationery company; I would say that I am grateful to my corporate past but I have found peace and balance in my life through my stationery design business. Wow, that was a mouthful wasn’t it?
Lemiga: What should potential clients look for when hiring an invitation designer?

Luxe Expressions: Because stationery says so much about the tone of a special event and is typically the first glimpse into what is to come, it’s important to really like the designer you work with so they can help you design the perfect piece. Custom designers have knack for working with different budget points and finding a balance between price and person style. Lemiga: Which invitation has been your favorite to design thus far?

Luxe Expressions: I love designing all styles and because my favorite process is to get to know my clients, even the simplest designs have left an impression on me. There is one design I call “Flowers is France” however that is probably one of my favorites. There is a certain way you need to design to have the piece ink beautifully on the letterpress and this piece broke the rules with large ink coverage areas so I loved that! Lemiga: Where are you located and do you have a studio?

Luxe Expressions: I have the pleasure of working out of my home studio, which my husband was so kind to design for me. I physically live in West Cobb (Acworth actually) and I love my little slice of country out back as it brings me joy and inspiration everyday. I guess it’s a good thing to be a designer because you get to work anywhere. For local clients, I meet them in person and for clients that are not local, I do a lot of mailing swatches through the mail and phone and email conversations. Thanks for stopping by today Debra and sharing your beautiful work!


Lara @ Southern Weddings said...

What stunning designs! Great interview and fabulous creations!

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Those are gorgeous!!