Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Tucker's Catering

Today I am featuring Tucker's Catering, one of Atlanta's best kept secrets. Rozalind Tucker, co-owner of Tucker's Catering has stopped by today to tell us a little about her catering business.

Lemiga: Tell us a little about Tucker's Catering - why did you start your company?

Tucker's Catering: Tucker's Catering initially started as a hobby of mine. I enjoyed experimenting with different types of food and having family and friends taste what I prepared. It was my husband who inspired me to start my catering business because he truly enjoyed the food and the presentation.
Lemiga: What should potential clients expect when they hire you as their caterer?

Tucker's Catering: What should my clients expect from me? 100%. I want my clients to know that this is their event, and it's not about what I or my partner think they should have. At Tucker's Catering it's all about what will make the client happy. Believe it or not most of the time my clients know exactly what they want.
Lemiga: What makes Tucker's Catering different from other caterers?

Tucker's Catering: We listen to what is truly important to our client. It's not about how much money my client can spend, but what will make them happy. We at Tucker's aim to please first and foremost.Lemiga: Is there a certain type of cuisine that you specialize in?

Tucker's Catering: NO! We will make every effort to provide what the customer wants.Lemiga: What is your favorite dish that you make?

Tucker's Catering: I'm originally from Connecticut and we love SEAFOOD so I will have to say any of my seafood dishes.

Thanks Rozalind for stopping by! Tucker's Catering is a participating vendor at my Open House Soiree on August 24th at The Solarium. So be sure to stop by and meet Rozalind and taste some of her delicious food!

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