Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Active Production and Design, Inc.

Today I am featuring Active Production and Design, Inc., a lighting design company located in the Atlanta area. Clydette Morton, the Marketing/Public Relations Manager of Active Production and Design, Inc. has stopped by today to give us some insight on how lighting can transform a space for your wedding or special event.

Lemiga: Why is lighting so important in wedding and event design?

Active Production & Design: Lighting is the “icing on the cake”. It is the visual energy of the event. It creates or enhances the mood of the event. It can help to bring attention to certain details that could otherwise get overlooked (the rich colors of the flowers, the brilliance of the silverware, the glow of the bride herself).

Lemiga: For those on a tight budget what types of lighting can they use to make a big impact on a small budget?

Active Production & Design: Up lighting the perimeter of a room and giving it an overall wash creates an intimate feel in a room, a few pin spots on just a select area can make a big difference i.e. the cake, the head table, etc., a gobo on the dance floor for the first dance is always a nice inexpensive touch as well.

Lemiga: What is a gobo?

Active Production & Design: A gobo is a metal or glass “cookie”. It is cut in a chosen shape or pattern and attached to the front of a light fixture. The light takes the shape of the “cookie” and is projected on a surface. Metal gobos are usually the most inexpensive, using only white light. Glass gobos can create full color images to project on a surface in a room.

Lemiga: What is the latest trend for lighting in 2008?

Active Production & Design: Green efforts is on everyone’s mind these days and the lighting industry is no different. There is a big push towards using more energy efficient lighting designs. Some of that would include using a lot more LED lights. LED fixtures for the most part use less energy to produce light.

Lemiga: How can lighting change a room?

Active Production & Design: Lighting sets the tone for a room upon entrance. Using theatrical lighting enables you to bring down the overhead lighting level and create a elegant and romantic mood for the room. I t can change the color of the room without painting the walls. Moving lights can make an ordinary ballroom look like a disco. Up lighting can make a reception hall look like a romantic scene out of a movie. Lighting will help a room become whatever the designer and bride imagines it to be.
Thanks Clydette for taking the time out to educate us on lighting design and how it can enhance the mood and decor of an event.

Active Production and Design, Inc. will be showcasing their work and participating as a vendor at my Open House Soiree on August 24th at The Solarium. So stop by the open house to ask your lighting questions and come see firsthand the lighting design work of Active Production and Design, Inc.

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