Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Altmix Photography

Today I am featuring Kate and Matt of Altmix Photography. Kate and Matt are not only two of the most sweet and down to earth people (which makes working with them so much fun!), but they have such a fresh and unique style of photography that really tells the story of a wedding day. You can just feel the emotion in their photographs! Kate has stopped by for an interview to tell us a little more about Altmix Photography.

Lemiga: Why did you start your company?
Altmix: Matt and I fell in love, got engaged and started the daunting wedding planning process very aware of only one thing, we wanted a fabulous photographer (…and red velvet cake, but that doesn’t go along with this story so well ;)). We did the research, we knew the style we loved, and yet, it was almost impossible to find someone affordable that shot in the detail oriented yet candid style we were looking for… A friend of a friend was in the same photographer search and out of the blue we agreed to shoot her wedding- one month after our own. We were hooked, and Altmix Photography began! Lemiga: What do you enjoy most about your job?
Altmix: Clients. There is just nothing more rewarding than getting to know our clients, their style, what makes them unique - and capturing it!
Lemiga: How do you describe your photographic style?
Altmix: Matt and I really believe in capturing true emotion. Laughs, love and tears can rarely be posed so we like to stay out of the way and capture it as it comes. Our goal is to journal your day through meaningful photojournalistic images.
Lemiga: If you could photograph a wedding any place in the world where would it be?
Altmix: Athens, Greece. The exquisitely detailed crumbling architecture, the bright blue water, the cliffs…sigh. Unbeatable! Lemiga: One piece of advice for Brides-to-be:
Altmix: Be yourself. Think about what makes you you and run with it. You’re not into flowers? Substitute with feathers and twigs and herbs! Is cake far from your favorite dessert? Get a variety of pies or cookies! Just can’t see yourself in a veil? Forget it and replace it with a stylish head piece like Myra’s ( Bottom line, this is your day, do it your way! Let your personality shine through wherever possible and our pictures will really capture your day! Thanks Kate for stopping by today and sharing your beautiful images with us. Altmix Photography will be the shooting photographer for my Open House Soiree on August 24th. So be sure to stop by and meet them and I can't wait to see the images they capture of the soiree!

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