Thursday, June 26, 2008

Socially Write

Socially Write is an invitation studio located north of Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. All of their invitations are custom made. I have been working with Socially Write for about a year now and each time they exceed my expectations. Visiting the studio becomes so much more than just picking out invitations and event stationery, mainly because the owner of Socially Write, Julie McIntyre Campbell, makes it such a fun experience. I can spend hours with Julie just playing with paper and ribbon and coming up with ideas until we find just the right combination. Today, Julie has stopped by to tell us more about Socially Write and to also share some tips on how to choose an invitation studio for your wedding or special event.Lemiga: Why did you start your company?

Socially Write: There is just nothing in the world as satisfying as meeting with a potential client, listening to what they have envisioned for their invitation and then taking those ideas and bringing it to life for them...sometimes I wonder who is more excited! I am truly blessed to own a business that allows me to meet so many wonderful people and at the same time be the wife and mom I want to be.

Lemiga: What do you tell brides who are on a budget but still want amazing invitations?

Socially Write: First, let’s see what it is she has in mind. There are so many ways to put together an invitation that has the look and feel of a more expensive invitation without all of the cost. If a bride comes in with a friend’s invitation or perhaps something out of InStyle Magazine, the first question I ask is what do you really like about this it the shape, color, texture. From there, we can take the most important aspects of the invitation and incorporate them into her invitation. Lemiga: What is your favorite new invitation trend?

Socially Write: I love it all...from simple eco-friendly papers to ribbon buckles, invitation boxes and colored envelopes! You will see all of these trends at the open house or when you visit my studio. Fun, Fun, Fun!!Lemiga: What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Socially Write: A few years ago, I would have answered this question much differently. At that time, it definitely would have been my weddings that had been published in magazines in the Dallas area. Today, I measure success a little differently. Not to say that having your work published isn’t most definitely is. Life has a way of showing you what is really important and for me being able to express myself through my work while connecting with people is immeasurable.

Lemiga: What should potential clients look for when hiring an invitation designer?

Socially Write: Find out how long this person has been in business. That doesn’t mean to discount or overlook designers who are newer to the business. You want to know if this designer treats the work as a business or as a hobby. Your wedding or special event is not the time to invest money in a person who isn’t going to take this as seriously as you will.

· Visit the designer in their studio, if possible. Take a good look at their work...even designs that don’t apply to your event. You want to get a feel for their style. Do you see different projects at different price points? Is the design process going to be an open road full of possibilities or a two lane road with limited views?

· Find out what the design process entails. This is the nuts and bolts. What is the production time? What is the payment schedule? Do you get a sample of the invitation or, at the very least, a proof of the work before production begins? What is included in the cost of the invitation?

· Listen to your instincts! The most important aspect to hiring an invitation designer, or any professional, is the ability to trust this individual will perform the duties you have hired them to do and will do it well. Do you feel that you can communicate with this person and do you have a comfort level? If you are still unsure, this professional is not a good match for you.Thanks so much Julie for stopping by today! Socially Write is a participating vendor in my Open House on August 24th at The Solarium. Julie will be there to meet you and answer your invitation and event stationery questions. She will also be showcasing her work so you can see firsthand her beautiful custom invitations!

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