Friday, September 26, 2008

Inkspot Workshop

Today I am featuring stationery studio Inkspot Workshop. Although an Etsy seller and therefore available everywhere, I love being able to feature an Atlanta based company!

Lemiga: Tell us a little about Inkspot Workshop- what range of services do you offer?

Inkspot Workshop: We officially launched in April 2008 on, an online hand crafted market place of sorts. We are located here in Atlanta and everything you see in my shop is thought up, printed, folded and glued by yours truly. We mainly offer customized/personalized paper goodies, but also carry items ready to ship. Everything from babies to birthdays, weddings to dinner parties, you name the event, we can make up something to really help make an event a lasting first impression. We strive for a simple, modern look to our items.
Lemiga: Why did you decide to start Inkspot Workshop?

Inkspot Workshop: I've always dabbled with designs on my computer for work, making flyers, etc. I have been a professional sales rep for 13 years and selling medical products for the past 7. As one can imagine, with the sterile nature of medical supplies, I had to come up with some fun ways to sell my products. You've never seen such inspiring iv catheter flyers in your life :) It was so much fun, I started to use my skills more often in my personal life by making up my own invitations and even stationery for my friend's kids.

Then almost 4 years ago I got married. We had a destination wedding with 35 of our closest friends and family on the beautiful island of St. John. I came up with a logo and color theme and made everything myself, including the menus, favors, goodie bags, you name it! I got bitten by the design bug pretty badly at that point and knew my future would include something in this area. Exactly one year later my son was born and that brought me right back to operation creative mode again. I came up with super cute birth announcements and each year his birthday party invitations and favor tags just keep getting better.

I am so thankful to report continuous monthly growth which is far exceeding my expectations. There is no better feeling than knowing you've helped make someone's wedding or baby shower or birthday extra special with something you created with your own hands.

Lemiga: What new stationery items are you working on right now?

Inkspot Workshop: I'm rounding out my Holiday 2008 line as we speak. Everything from blank notecards to fully personalized Christmas and Holiday cards will be offered. Adorable gift tags and holiday party invitations will also be part of the mix. It's quite a consuming process, considering once you think an idea up, it needs to get on paper, then in pictures for my online shop. Additionally, my new Custom Party Packs are really filling the need for people looking for a 'complete look' to their events. They are like a party in a box and include invitations, matching thank yous, favor tags, etc.
Lemiga: What inspires you when you're creating stationery?

Inkspot Workshop: When you have a creative brain, which I have had since birth, inspiration happens all the time and at the strangest moments. Quite often I am inspired by fabric, oh how I love bright, bold prints! My mother has this really cute rug in her Florida room and I just loved the color combinations of the stripes and dots, very much like sherbert colors. I grabbed my laptop and before you knew it, my All Occasion and Sherbet Dot cards were born.
Lemiga: Which invitation has been your favorite to design thus far?

Inkspot Workshop: Wow, that's a toughie, but I would have to say it's all of my Pinwheel designs, which include Pinwheel Flowers, Pinwheel Ice Cream Cone and just the Pinwheel. I really enjoy using dingbats in my designs.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! For those in Atlanta, Inkspot Workshop is sponsoring the First Annual Hand Crafted Fall Showcase on October 4th with a group of Etsy craft sellers. If you're a paper and craft nut like me, this is one event not to miss! See all the details on Inkspot Workshop's blog.


Crossroads Cottage said...

I'm loving this stationery! The snowman card is too cute and of course I love the pinwheel themed items as well. I'm off to visit her shop now. :)

Inkspot Workshop said...

Thanks for the wonderful feature!

Lara @ Southern Weddings said...

These are so cute! Gorgeous designs, great post!

Melissa and Ashli said...

I love the colors! Soooo cute! Very well done;)

Rachelle said...

I'm loving inkspot workshop! I visited there website and they have really nice products. I think I will be using them for my daughter's 1st birthday party next year. I especially like the party in a box product.