Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bonita J - Tips for Choosing Hair Accessories

Bonnie, owner of Bonita J, a bridal jewelry company, has stopped by today to give some tips and advice on choosing hair accessories for your wedding.

Hair Accessories for Brides & Bridesmaids

Selecting your hair accessories for your special day is an important final touch that will bring your entire look together. There are a few items to consider when selecting your hair accessories.

The first item to think about is the dress. Does your beautiful gown have any beading on it at all? Are there pearls, crystals, or rhinestones? If your gown does have embellishments on it, then use that as a starting point for your hair accessories. If you have pearls or crystals or both, select hair accessories that have those same pearls and crystals, as well as in the same color palette.

The second item to consider is what type of girl are you. Are you a tiara girl? Do you prefer something a little less understated, but still want that elegant and sparkly addition? Although tiaras are a traditional choice for many brides, not everyone feels totally comfortable in them. If you are that girl, a different hair accessory is the way to go. There are many other options which include hair combs, hair vines, hair pins and head bands.

Taking a simple single pearl or single crystal hairpin and adding about 6 – 8 of them to an up do adds a great splash of color and sparkle that looks great and is not overdone. Hair combs are a great choice for the side of a partial up do, to place on the inside seam of a French twist or on top of a chignon. A hair vine is a nice option to wrap around the side of the hair or work into a bun.

There are many hair jewelry accessory options for brides. If you are not to sure about a tiara, you now know that there are multiple ways to add that fancy sparkle to your hair to finish off your look and coordinate your colors.Thanks Bonnie for the great tips! Be sure to stop by Bonita J to check out their entire line of bridal jewelry. As an incentive for my readers, Bonita J is offering an exclusive coupon code for 15% off of your entire order (one use coupon - no minimum order). The coupon code is: LEMIGA

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